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Shimadzu for Precision Weighing. When weight does matter
Shimadzu Corporation was established in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan, as one of the pioneers of scientific precision instruments. Ever since, Shimadzu has
contributed to the development of industry and research. Balances are one of Shimadzu's major product lines with a history of continuous innovation.
Shimadzu's UniBloc Technology and over 90 years of experience in Precision Weighing Instruments brings Analytical Balances to a new level of Stability,
Reliability & Response.
Semi-micro Analytical Balances Analytical Balances Precision Balances
Top Loading Balances Carat Balances Jewellery Balances
Moisture Balance Platform Balances    
SPEX™ Standards
Fast response and shipping times Experienced shipping team, knowledgeable about International HazMat shipping requirements. Comprehensive accreditations
and quality guarantee Precision standards – thoroughly tested to be consistent from lot to lot. Extensive stock catalog with favorable distributor discount structure
Constant R&D to provide the most cutting edge, innovative products that conform to the newest regulations On-demand custom standards
Organic Inorganic
Double-sided Certificate True values reported for each analysis performed
Purity of starting material Uncertainty calculations reported
Amount used per mL of solution Impurities listed
Reference to the NIST spectral database Reference and Traceability to the NIST SRM
Verified by GC-MS Report of Certification included
ANM Industries, India
The Company ANM Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a company within ANM Alliance Group which is one of the largest company in Laboratory Business. ANM Industries was established in April, 2010 under the Indian companies Act, havin manufacturing area with an overall supportive infra-structural area of 10,000 sq. ft. which is fully equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment.
The strategic location of the facility at the outskirts just outside Mumbai (Bombay) which offers a strong infrastrutre being financial hub of India and convenientely accessible Sea & Airports. This benefits our clients in India and overseas enables Amkette Industries to offer a competitive pricing structure.
All ANM Industries products are manufactured under one roof and subsequently all metal forming, finishes, extrusions, form rolling and assembly are completed in-house. With the result that specific requirements of our clients can be incorporated into a proposed design/ product requirement. The capacity of the manufacturing facility results into timely delivery and prompt technical support by a net of skilled persons across the country.
Laboratory Furniture Centrifuge Fume Hood
Shakers and Rockers Anti Vibration Table Incubator and Water Bath / Dry Bath
Lockers and Storage System Freez Dryer Turnkey Lab Projects
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
For over 75 years Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has been the world's leading manufacturer of Viscometers and Rheometers for laboratory and on-line process control applications. The reputation of the Brookfield viscometer is built on more than just a superior scientific principle. When you use a Brookfield, you are joining thousands of people who have made it a World Standard of viscosity measurement. There are more Brookfield viscometers used in industries worldwide than any other viscometer. Your associates, suppliers or customers probably own a Brookfield. Many Society and Industrial specifications describe the use of a Brookfield viscometer. Laboratory Viscometers and Rheometers include Dial Reading (Analog) and Digital Display Model of which several are Programmable. On-line Process Control Viscometers include Probe, In-Tank, In-Line and flow through models.
All Brookfield viscometers employ the well-known principle of rotational viscometry; they measure viscosity by sensing the torque required to rotate a spindle at constant speed while immersed in a fluid. The torque is proportional to the viscous drag on the immersed spindle, and thus to the viscosity of the fluid.
Viscometers Powder Flow Testing Accessories
Rheometers Viscosity Standards Software
Texture Analysis        
The CYBERLAB is a virtual repository of technology and an ideal knowledge partner providing quality solutions in simulation to site. You can walk in here with your plans, watch it being brought to life, substantiated by everything required in your blueprint, with products, processes & services that conform to accepted world standards.
Our domain of expertise spans from the laboratory to the process industry. We provide top-of-theČline services and technology solutions that encompasses the varied needs in the simulation to site spectrum.
The CYBERLAB focus on technology is not restricted to the services and products on offer. The CYBERLAB code of conduct continually strategic host of initiatives that facilitate consumer/vendor friendly transaction methods. These include integrated backup services for the entire group, multiple warehousing sites, along with virtual warehousing, ERP & CRM. We continually leverage technology so as remain a lean and proactive organization to endorse enhanced customer service and satisfaction. With the nation wide network presence, our customers are ensured for premier quality service at their doorstep.
Many of CYBERLAB's achievements today are the result of foresight. The ability to forecast customer requirement and being on hand with a ready technological solution !
In the words of Sir Issac Newton... "If i have been able to see a little further... it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.
Liteloupe New Series Reg & Mini SW Brochure
Hirayama India
HIRAYAMA is always contributing to the development of Bio Technology and Electronics !
Vertical Autoclaves High Grade Autoclaves Horizontal Autoclaves
Benchtop Autoclaves Accessories    
Lancer is an industry leader in laboratory washing and sterilization products for life science and industrial laboratory applications. Lancer offers consultative planning, feasibility, cost-analysis and applications assistance through a factory-supported network of authorized sales representatives nationwide.
Lancer is a division of The Getinge Group, a leading global provider of products and systems for healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In addition to Lancer, Getinge Group brands include Getinge, providing solutions for infection control and contamination prevention; ArjoHuntleigh, providing solutions for patient mobility and wound management; and Maquet, specializing in solutions, therapies and products for surgical intervention, interventional cardiology and intensive care.
Compact Mufle Furnaces
With their unbeatable price/performance ratio, these compact muffle furnaces are perfect for many applications in the laboratory. Quality features like the dual shell furnace housing of rust- free stainless steel, their compact, lightweight constructions, or the heating elements encased in quartz glass tubes make these models reliable partners for your application.
Compact Tube Furnaces
The RD product line furnaces convince with their unbeatable price-performance ratio, very compact outer dimensions and their low weight. These all-rounders are equipped with a working tube which also serves as support for the heating wires. Thus, the working tube is part of the furnace heating which has the advantage that the furnaces achieve very high heat up rates. The furnaces can be supplied for 1100 °C or 1300 °C.
BINDER Makes the difference
BINDER is focused as a family company completely on simulation chambers. We are the world's largest specialty manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories. Annually over 22,000 units left the factory in Tuttlingen. 
Sophisticated edge technologies, pioneering innovations and absolute precision characterize the brand image of BINDER. Our focus is on the perfect simulation of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions for a variety of industries. The three red triangles stand for superior products, best service package and professional advice. This is for you "Best conditions for your success".
Incubators Vacuum Drying Ovens Safety Drying Ovens
Trajan Completes Integration of SGE Analytical Science
26 June 2014: Melbourne, Australia: Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) will complete the integration of SGE Analytical Science (SGE) at all major operational centers in Australia, Europe, the US and Asia, as of July 1, 2014, when SGE entities will register new Trajan business names.
For workers in many laboratories around the world, SGE is synonymous with the highest quality in chromatography components and consumables. The company has established a leading reputation over the last 50 years. The SGE brand will live on and continue to grow in this field, supported by Trajan and its well-established network of distributors.
Syringes Capillary Columns Liquid Handling
GC Columns Electron Multipliers Gas Chromatography
HPLC Columns GC & HPLC Supplies Mass Spectrometry

About Water-Id

High quality products and continuous quality control are not just slogans at Water-i.d. they are our policy. At our head office in the technology region of Karlsruhe, our laboratory team are constantly developing new formulations and improving existing products. Our Quality Control System ensures that our production and development processes are strictly monitored in accordance with International Standards at our German facility. Here, the formulae are developed, tablets are pressed and blister packed to ensure maximum stability and shelf life.
Our new world leading photometer PrimeLab MultiTester is assembled and thoroughly tested at our German Headquarters prior to delivery to our many customers
'Quality Made in Germany
Photometer Mini-Kits Bacteria
Comparator Test Blocks Reagents
Electronic Meter Test Strips    
TQC designs and produces field measuring instruments and lab equipment for testing paint and coatings and general surface treatment. 
Our objective is to create and offer solutions for every possible QC-application in surface technology. 
TQC products are known for their ergonomic features and user friendliness. TQC's production facility is located in The Netherlands. In order to complete our range we work closely together with renowned manufacturers from all over the world.
For special applications TQC has established the 'special products service'. The close cooperation between the Technical Sales Department and the Research and Development department makes it possible to develop special products according to customer specification.
Adhesion Appearance
Corrosion Density
Film Application Film Thickness
Moisture Viscosity
Novasina is focused on reliable and long lasting  products and thereby uses components with high quality.
Nevertheless it can happen, that a problem occurs and something is not working properly.
We kindly ask you to proceed as follows, so, that we can help you best.
Ortoalresa, as specialized centrifuges manufacturer, offers a wide range of products.
General Applications Special Applications
Standard tubes. Tubes according standards or protocols.
Sample separation for further analysis. Sample separation for read on tube/further processing.
Induction motor, with microprocessor. Following standards on time, speed , temperature.
Rotor list on memory . Induction motor, with microprocessor.
Lid locking and automatic lid. Lid locking and automatic lid. 
About GMC India
The, Times have changed, so have the way people live, work and do business but businesses involving Industrial Equipment hasn't adapted. 
As a result of market conditions, observations, experiences & this mismatch led our founders of ANM ALLIANCE to create the vision for GMC based on the success of Synergy to provide Contracted Services for nearly 3 years now.  
The idea to integrate marketing methods to suit the way companies work in this industry, there comes “GMC" - Global Marketing Company, founded in 2015.
GMC’s powerful marketing team with its enriched experience of nearly 40 years now, have evolved to provide Contracted Marketing Services to Manufacturers eager to reach out to End Users and Customers in India to know,  understand and share the information about their product and its capabilities which can greatly assist in their required application area. 
GMC’s Current Portfolio of MarCom Services Provided: 
- Electronic Mailers (e-shots)
- Tele-Marketing
- Social media 
- Printed Media Mass Mailing
- In-House Seminars
- Customer Seminars
- Symposiums
- Industry Specific Trade Shows
- Application Lab Hands-on Training
- Training Centre 
- Speed Dating with Key Decision Makers
- Create Distribution Network of Channel Partners
- OnLine Market Place to sell Products (TBA)
- Assist to integrate Contracted Admin Companies
- Assist to integrate Contracted Service & Support Companies
Along with our carefully and simply crafted website we target to engage customers by delivering experiences that are relevant, helpful and personalized.
Our target is clear; provide marketing services that makes life easier. 
We’re Trend Settlers 
We’re Not Me2 Company!
We're tired of confusing, complicated marketing management, we keep it simple. 
We're tired of complex pricing, we keep it simple.
We’re excited to announce that we will soon be launching our Online Market Place portal GMeCOM to make life a little more convenient. We will let you’ll know when, please be patient. 
Our ancestors well said, “CHANGE WITH TIME……OR TIME WILL CHANGE!”
150,000+ Verified Customer-base, 1,500 Channel Partners, Nationwide Network, Dedicated Professionals, 40 Years of Reputation……..
……………… GMC INDIA…..YOUR 
A Company within ANM ALLIANCE. Endless Possibilities Begin Here! 
Switch on the Entrepreneur in you!
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pdf nabertherm Nabertherm - Muffle Furnaces
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